June 30, 2014

June 2014 Favorites

1. Back to Nature Peanut Butter Crème Cookies- I picked up these cookies at Kroger because they were on sale (and Nick ate my organic ones). So I figured these would be a good substitute. These are even better! They aren't organic but they don't have any preservatives or HFCS. And I basically love anything peanut butter.
2. Where is Warehouse Mouse?- This is one of those little show/commercials on Disney Jr. (which is Zoe's new favorite channel). At some point she really started watching this. She gets so excited that she squeals with delight when it comes on. She narrates everything the mouse is doing which is pretty hilarious. I added every episode I could find onto her YouTube playlist and we watch them when she's in a bad mood.
3. Buc-cee- Nick and I picked this up for Zoe when we were out of town for a wedding. I had previously gotten her a tiny keychain and I knew she would love a bigger toy. As soon as we gave it to her she exclaimed, "Buc-cee!" She continued to carry it around all evening telling us she loved her Buc-cee. He goes almost everywhere with us (as does the keychain aka baby Buc-cee) and he is one of the select few stuffed animals she allows in her crib.
4. Bodycology XOXO lotion and body spray- I picked this up randomly at Kroger. I am pretty sure I was alone so I had some free time to go up and down the beauty aisles. I was surprised how nice this smelled considering it was a drugstore brand. But I figured it would be good for summertime when I'm constantly moisturizing and the spray is nice because it's much lighter than perfume. It does the job, smells great, and is an even better price!
5. At a Glance Calendar- Now I know I have a calendar on my phone, iPad, and one hanging in the kitchen but I felt like I needed a monthly planner so I could see everything at once. This planner is very basic, no bells or whistles, but I love it! It's a bit oversized but it's very thin so I can even put it in my bag. I love the oversized squares for the days because I can always fit everything in. There are even a few extra pages in the back for future dates, addresses, etc.
6. Old Navy Boyfriend Cuffed Denim Short & Linen Blend Short- After going through my summer wardrobe I realized I was in need of more, longer shorts. Just last year I ventured into women's clothing because I needed something long enough to cover my bum while chasing Zoe around. So I only had a few pair of "adult" shorts. I got the boyfriend shorts in the color above and white. I like that they are comfortable and casual. I got the linen shorts in black and chambray. I love those because they are ultra lightweight. Both styles are long enough to cover everything but not too long to be considered matronly.
7. Poke-A-Dot Ten Little Monkeys- I was shopping at Learning Express and the salesgirl showed me this book. She said it was new to the store and it was good for learning to count (which Zoe is). The little holes have a plastic button type thing that you press and it makes a click sound. So the idea is to count every time you click a button. Zoe was already very familiar with the Ten Little Monkeys story and she got the hang of popping the buttons right away. I can't wait to get her different stories. I highly recommend this if your child is learning how to count!
8. Target Gel Pens- I had to get these when I got my new planner. This package has every color and every finish. There are pastels, glitters, and plain gel pens. They bleed a tiny bit but you can't beat the price. They make scheduling the most boring appointments a but better.
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June 8, 2014

May 2014 Favorites

So I know I said I would get better about posting to the blog and I only had a measly two posts last month. I even have eight (eight!) drafts waiting to be finished.
 Obviously, we had a busy month and I personally had a few bumps in the road. Right before Mother's Day Zoe started sleeping in very late (so late I had to cancel play dates). She wasn't acting herself but didn't seem sick otherwise. During that time I had congestion (which I'm assuming was allergies). After that my allergies really got out of control. On top of that I injured my wrist at the gym. 
The next weekend Abby, Will, and Matthew came to visit us and we stayed busy.
 One week after injuring my wrist I chipped a front tooth. How, you may ask? Opening a package with my teeth! Now I know why my dentist always used to warn me about it. Luckily, I was able to get an appointment to have it fixed the next day. I was in a sad state. 
The last weekend of May was spent in San Antonio for my sorority sister's wedding and Zoe stayed here in Katy with her Papa Bruce. On Sunday we got her home and she started acting oddly so we took her temperature and she had a very high fever. Fast forward to Thursday morning at 3 am (yes, I was waking up every 4 hours to check her temperature and give her Tylenol) and her fever finally broke. I wanted to see the doctor before it got busy with kids getting out of school so I called Thursday and they were able to fit us in that afternoon. As I was dressing Zoe I noticed some bumps by her hairline. I assumed they were from not bathing her that week (hello, high fever and cranky kid) and shrugged them off. We stopped by Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then we were seen by the doctor. She didn't seem concerned but she spotted more of the rash on Zoe's chest and back. As soon as she saw the rash she knew it was Roseola. Basically, another random virus that every little kid gets and it's going around here right now. There is no treatment for it- just Tylenol if the fever is uncomfortable and Benadryl for any itching. Luckily for Zoe the rash isn't too bad and it doesn't seem to be bothering her. Zoe has been a little trooper through it all. She has been getting anything she wants (haha that's mostly normal) like juice and donuts. She has been extra clingy but I have been enjoying the cuddles. 
My mom visited us this weekend so we were busy again. It was nice to sleep in a bit and Nick and I went to see the new X-Men movie yesterday.
1. Fieldcrest Luxury 600 Thread Count Sheet Set- Nick's lovely cat, Silly, loves to scratch our mattress and she finally ripped the fitted sheet so we had to get a new set. I was getting sick of white so I requested something dark and this is what Nick picked up.The color matches our duvet cover perfectly and I love the feel of new sheets. The fitted sheet is also extra deep so it's not a battle to put it on.
2. Tangle Teezer- I was skeptical about this when I saw it but I heard good things about it so I tried it anyways. It was only $10 which is a steal compared to my other brushes. This tiny hand shaped brush is great at detangling my wet hair (I can't tell you how many combs I have broken in my wet hair) and Zoe's hair.
3. Earth Theraputics Hello Kitty Ergomatic Sleep Mask- I admit I only got this because it was Hello Kitty but I'm so glad I did. Unlike traditional eye masks the eyelid area is raised for a more comfortable REM experience. I have worn plenty of traditional eye masks and never had a problem with my eyes touching the mask but this one feels so nice. The nose area is also raised and the strap has velcro so it can be adjusted. I highly recommend this for anyone that needs complete darkness to sleep.
4. Mossimo Theresa Wedge Sandal- Like most of my Target shoes these were meant to be because they were the last pair and they were in my size! I had been looking for a new black wedge and these fit the bill. The top material is very stretchy and comfortable. I love the simple lines of this wedge.
5. Essie Serial Shopper- When I saw the name of this polish I knew I had to have it. But I got it home and saw that I already had something similar. I was about to return it but I looked up swatches online and discovered it didn't look like the polish I already owned. The bottle looks like a bright coral but on the nail it is more neon and orange-y. It is a really gorgeous summertime color. It requires 2-3 coats or a white base. This really is my current favorite because I painted my nails with this color three times in a row!
6. Kendra Scott Alexandra Earrings in Abalone Shell- I know, I know. Another Kendra Scott piece of jewelry! I got these at a special event where part of the proceeds were donated to a cause very dear to my heart. I usually go for the smaller KS earrings but I was drawn to these. I was actually afraid to wear these at first. I wasn't sure what they would go with but I soon discovered they go with everything. I wear these all the time! They are a great way to add a little sparkle to any outfit. Most importantly, they are comfortable and don't get in my way when I am running around with Zoe. The abalone shell is great for summertime!
7. Florida's Natural Au'some Organic Nuggets in Fruit Grove- I was only able to get these once at Target (and the last time I was there I couldn't find them) but they were a big hit! I almost didn't get them because they had a picture of a banana on the package and I hate bananas (so stupid, I know). Even though they were mostly for Zoe I wanted to try them too. They are your typical fruit snack with a delicious flavor- very addictive. I like them because they are easy to chew and the little bags are convenient for me to carry in my diaper bag. I just wish they were easier to find!
8. Cloud B Twilight Ladybug Constellation Night Light in Pink- Zoe has had this probably since she was born. I had to get it because it was a ladybug AND it was pink. They have other colors and different animals and they project stars and the moon in red, green, or blue. I used it a few times and she didn't seem to notice. Then one evening she discovered the moon. She has been obsessed with finding the moon when we are outside so I showed her this nightlight. So I turn this on for her every night so she can see the moon and the stars in her room. She must get her love of space from Nick. :)
9. Futuro Wrist Band- This is a boring favorite but it really helped my wrist when I injured it. I splurged for the top of the line adjustable and reversible version because I figured I would need it again at some point.
10. SureFit Slipcovers- I have been wanting slipcovers forever. I finally had an excuse when Abby, Will, and Matthew came to town. We normally use random blankets to keep the cats from scratching the couch but I was tired of the mish mash of colors. I went to Target and found a nice, neutral color and the chair cover was even on sale. They also have ties at the front that make them somewhat adjustable. I love that they are machine washable and they really keep the cats from scratching up the couch. They are not as fond of this material as they are of the couch material.
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