June 30, 2014

June 2014 Favorites

1. Back to Nature Peanut Butter Crème Cookies- I picked up these cookies at Kroger because they were on sale (and Nick ate my organic ones). So I figured these would be a good substitute. These are even better! They aren't organic but they don't have any preservatives or HFCS. And I basically love anything peanut butter.
2. Where is Warehouse Mouse?- This is one of those little show/commercials on Disney Jr. (which is Zoe's new favorite channel). At some point she really started watching this. She gets so excited that she squeals with delight when it comes on. She narrates everything the mouse is doing which is pretty hilarious. I added every episode I could find onto her YouTube playlist and we watch them when she's in a bad mood.
3. Buc-cee- Nick and I picked this up for Zoe when we were out of town for a wedding. I had previously gotten her a tiny keychain and I knew she would love a bigger toy. As soon as we gave it to her she exclaimed, "Buc-cee!" She continued to carry it around all evening telling us she loved her Buc-cee. He goes almost everywhere with us (as does the keychain aka baby Buc-cee) and he is one of the select few stuffed animals she allows in her crib.
4. Bodycology XOXO lotion and body spray- I picked this up randomly at Kroger. I am pretty sure I was alone so I had some free time to go up and down the beauty aisles. I was surprised how nice this smelled considering it was a drugstore brand. But I figured it would be good for summertime when I'm constantly moisturizing and the spray is nice because it's much lighter than perfume. It does the job, smells great, and is an even better price!
5. At a Glance Calendar- Now I know I have a calendar on my phone, iPad, and one hanging in the kitchen but I felt like I needed a monthly planner so I could see everything at once. This planner is very basic, no bells or whistles, but I love it! It's a bit oversized but it's very thin so I can even put it in my bag. I love the oversized squares for the days because I can always fit everything in. There are even a few extra pages in the back for future dates, addresses, etc.
6. Old Navy Boyfriend Cuffed Denim Short & Linen Blend Short- After going through my summer wardrobe I realized I was in need of more, longer shorts. Just last year I ventured into women's clothing because I needed something long enough to cover my bum while chasing Zoe around. So I only had a few pair of "adult" shorts. I got the boyfriend shorts in the color above and white. I like that they are comfortable and casual. I got the linen shorts in black and chambray. I love those because they are ultra lightweight. Both styles are long enough to cover everything but not too long to be considered matronly.
7. Poke-A-Dot Ten Little Monkeys- I was shopping at Learning Express and the salesgirl showed me this book. She said it was new to the store and it was good for learning to count (which Zoe is). The little holes have a plastic button type thing that you press and it makes a click sound. So the idea is to count every time you click a button. Zoe was already very familiar with the Ten Little Monkeys story and she got the hang of popping the buttons right away. I can't wait to get her different stories. I highly recommend this if your child is learning how to count!
8. Target Gel Pens- I had to get these when I got my new planner. This package has every color and every finish. There are pastels, glitters, and plain gel pens. They bleed a tiny bit but you can't beat the price. They make scheduling the most boring appointments a but better.
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